FSC - on behalf of the forest


As proof of the fact that all wood fibres used in the production process are taken from forests managed in an exemplary fashion cartocan® packages have the right to bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label. The FSC label is recognised throughout the world as one of the most prestigious awards for the processing of wood fibres, which demonstrably originate in forests that have been certified in accordance with the FSC guidelines.



Product Carbon Footprint              


A comparison of the Product Carbon Footprint of packaging for non carbonated drinks made of CartoCan, aluminium and PET demonstrates significant benefits for CartoCan.
The Carbon Footprint provides information on the total CO2emissions generated by a product. denkstatt analysed the Carbon Footprint involved in the production and waste management of three different types of packaging.

  • By contrast with PET CartoCan main advantage is its weight, which is not even half as much as that of PET.
  • The main benefits of CartoCan as compared with aluminium is in the area of raw materials. The use of 50% renewable raw materials in CartoCan generate significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than in the energy intensive production of primary aluminium.