Well packed is half sold! 

Among experts packaging is considered to have a strong influence on sales success. Prior to the actual purchase it acts as a consumption enhancer and provides space for advertising messages at the point of sale, at which point the images of TV commercials that can cost millions has long ago faded from consumers memories.

Our CartoCan packaging convinces on the basis of functionality, design and quality.

As the market leader in the production of cardboard food containers we are setting a clear signal through optional design elements.
Using the Flexo-process we print on two different basic materials:

  • White background (this effect is suitable for wellness and bio-based products)
  • Alu-imitation (this effect makes the product shine even more and is particularly suited to products with a high range of additional benef


Two different cartoc formats


Cartocan Dosenformate


150 ml & 250 ml


Delivery Units

6-Pack 6-Pack
Tray á 12 EVE
24er Tray Cartocan Low tray á 24 EVE



Cartoncover, Multipack and drinking straw